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Brainial is an ambitious technology and services company that develops cutting-edge, real-time AI solutions.


Before our founding in 2019 our senior team-members and co-founders have situated themselves at the forefront of machine learning and artificial-intelligence-based innovations. They started Brainial to do things differently by focussing on really applying AI to unlock value and deliver smart solutions. Our international team is comprised of driven data scientists, engineers, designers and business minds. Together we are working on revolutionizing AI solutions to support clients in their sales and marketing processes to generate instant business value.


Meet the founders of Brainial

Fedor Klinkenberg

CO-Founder & CEO

As co-founder and chief executive officer, Fedor leads the company’s overall commercial strategy and teams. 

Fedor has over 11 years experience working at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands: Mendix. He fulfilled various roles, the company grew exponentially from <20 to 600 employees and Mendix has been acquired by Siemens. 

Fedor holds a Master of Science degree from RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Taco Hiddink

CO-Founder & CTO

As co-founder and chief technology officer, Taco leads the company’s overall technical strategy and research & product development teams.
Taco is an applied AI veteran, data architect, lecturer, author and serial entrepreneur. Taco has over 10 years experience in AI and data analysis and more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. 

Taco is co-author of the book “Artificial Intelligence In Actie” which was published in June 2019.


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