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Brainial provides AI-powered solutions, AI consultancy and training offerings to bridge the gap between what is possible on a technology level and generate instant business value for sales and marketing professionals.

Improve your marketing and sales figures with the help of Artificial Intelligence

AI for Sales

Nearly all sales teams spend a majority of their time doing repetitive tasks like responding to tenders and sourcing and qualifying leads that can take them away from more valuable endeavors like engaging with prospects, closing sales and achieving sales targets. We help your sales organization to apply AI technologies to get automatically generated conversation starters, more qualified leads, increased average deal size, shorter sales cycles, a better conversion ratio and to become more efficient in responding to tenders. Brainial helps you to scale your enterprises and your sales organization and to drive revenue growth.

AI for Marketing

Marketers face challenges due to the fact that there is too much information for humans to keep up with. Compiled market information, market research and reporting is not timely enough. Expensive third party research companies are asked to help with providing insights. We help your marketing teams to gain intelligent customer, competitor and market insights to apply these in market and trend analyses, sales enablement, competitive intelligence and customer intelligence. AI technologies can be applied to provide a 360-degree view of your world and to become well informed, opportunity driven and sales centered.

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