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Before our founding in 2019 our senior team-members and co-founders have situated themselves at the forefront of machine learning and artificial-intelligence-based innovations. They started Brainial to do things differently by focussing on really applying AI to unlock value and deliver smart solutions.  Explore Brainial’s Document Mining solution. 

Document Mining

Artificial Intelligence that reads your documents

Unlock value and insights that are hidden in unstructured data

See what the power of our AI-driven product for document mining can do for your business.

Enhance the performance and execution of the ever-increasing, common knowledge-intensive tasks enterprises facing today.


Unlock value and insights

Document Mining

Tender Document Analysis

Automatically find and analyse the right information in large volumes of documents and link that to new request for tenders.

Document Mining

Automatically process of large number of documents and gain actionable insights, risk indicators and get direct business value.

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Brainial provides AI-powered solutions, high-level consultancy and training offerings to bridge the gap between what is possible on a technology level and generate instant business value for sales and marketing professionals.