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Brainial provides a SaaS solution to help organizations to reduce the time, resources and money spent responding to tenders and to gain a higher success rate and profitability.

Product Features

Discover Tenders

Automatically discover and prioritizes relevant new tenders:
- Connect to online and public sources
- Smart Search
- Automatically filter on relevance
- List of anticipated tenders

Assess New Tender Document

Basic analysis and data enrichment:
- Extract and Analyze award criteria, weight and scoring mechanisms
- Extract Key Elements
- Risk Assessment
- Determine Win Rate

Find Relevant Information

- Search for information in current tender or historical tenders
- Analyse historical tender documents and find for look-a-like documents
- Automatically conduct a Stakekholder and environmental analyses
- Create a profile containing information about the customer, relevant themes & topics, and the related context & content.

Start Responding to the Tender

- Reduce the time spent on searching for information in old tender responses
- Automate repetitive tasks of the tender response by suggesting the most relevant offering, descriptions or topics.

Tender Governance

Track Performance
- Track won, partially won, and lost rates.
- Track lost reasons and competitive intelligence for future analyses and predictions
- Analytics and KPI's

Brainial API

Use the Brainial API to easily get data in or out of the Brainial app.
Combine Brainial data:
- Brainial can be seamlessly integrated with your data lake / DWH
- Use the API to fuel your CRM system or other tools or applications

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