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Brainial provides a SaaS solution to help organizations to reduce the time, resources and money spent responding to tenders and to gain a higher success rate and profitability.

Product Features

Discover Tenders

Automatically discover and prioritizes relevant new tenders:
- Connect to online and public sources
- Smart Search
- Automatically filter on relevance
- List of anticipated tenders

Assess New Tender Document

Basic analysis and data enrichment:
- Extract and Analyze award criteria, weight and scoring mechanisms
- Extract Key Elements
- Risk Assessment
- Determine Win Rate

Find Relevant Information

- Smart search, filter and drill down functionalities on all information in the current tender and historical tender documents
- Analyse historical tender documents and find for look-a-like documents

Stakeholder Analysis & Profiling

- Automatically conduct a Stakeholder and environmental analyses
- Create a profile containing information about the customer, relevant themes & topics, and the related context & content

Start Responding to the Tender

- Automate repetitive tasks of the tender response by suggesting the most relevant offering, descriptions or topics.
- Automatically find the documents (e.g. references, certificates) needed to complete your response

Tender Governance

Track performance:
- Track won, partially won, and lost rates.
- Track lost reasons and competitive intelligence for future analyses and predictions
- Analytics and KPI's

Selfservice Traininginterface

- Build in annotation tool for creating training and evaluation data for the Brainial machine learning models 
- Improve the accuracy and teach the model your domain specific terminology

In-Application Feedback

- End-users are able to provide feedback on the results provided by the solutions
- End-user feedback get processed and the underlying models get more accurate and will be improved

Brainial API

Use the Brainial API to easily get data in or out of the Brainial app.
Combine Brainial data:
- Brainial can be seamlessly integrated with your data lake / DWH
- Use the API to fuel your CRM system or other tools or applications

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