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Brainial provides a SaaS solution to help organizations reduce the time, resources and money spent when responding to tenders, achieving a higher quality, win rate and profitability.

Tender Document Analyzer

The Tender Document Analyzer automatically reads, extracts and presents all the key elements found in tender documents.

All the relevant and important information will be extracted from the documents like key elements, criteria, requirements, reference materials, terms and conditions.

The application is always actively learning from your interactions. Direct changes can be made as well whenever you see fit. 

Tender Risk Analyzer

Using AI technology, Brainial is able to break down documents to the sentence level and extract and classify the importance, impact and risk. This process is done automatically and requires little to no effort from your team.

Tender Bid Analyzer

The Tender Bid Analyzer will estimate your chance of winning the tender and automatically generates the Bid / No Bid sheet to enable a data-driven decision.

Stakeholder Analyzer

The Stakeholder Analyzer collects, reads and combines all relevant data for a stakeholder and their environment.

The relevant content and context is made transpararent so that you are well informed and that the correct terms and wording can be used in writing the response to the tender. 

Brainial’s Stakeholder Analyzer offers you an in depth picture of your potential client. From basic information & financial reports, to the latest news that came up regarding the tendering party, Brainial presents all the information your tender desk needs to write client-tailored, successful tenders. 

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“Brainial helped NEN to improve stakeholder analysis with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The result is an estimated 50% time saving combined with an improvement in the quality of our stakeholder analysis. We are looking forward to a successful NEN-wide implementation.”

Jappe van der Zwan, Manager Innovation – Head of Innovation Lab

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