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Join our Team!

Brainial is always looking for new talent to join our team. 
We are looking for the best and brightest minds, pragmatic and with strong ideas

We celebrate success, have fun and continue to ship great AI-driven SaaS products. We are passionately opposed to bureaucracy, beating around the bush and bs. We love a good challenge, and we care a lot about creating tremendous value for our customers.

Perks and Benefits!

Best teammates: highly ambitious, experienced and driven people and a great startup vibe. 

Competitive salary and opportunity to grow: with rapid growth, new roles are popping up.
Deliver, show energy and challenge assumptions and you’ll be there fast.

Steep learning curve: you can experience a challenging and exciting career, faster than possible.

Career Opportunities at Brainial

We are looking for smart people, so take at look at our job openings.

Full stack means full stack! You will have the opportunity to architect and develop our data processing and analytics pipelines, but also work on our end-user applications that surface all this smart data, signals and trends

Read more about our Full Stack Developer role

As our NLP Intern, the development of NLP NER and classification models based on deep learning is on of your core tasks.

Read more about our NLP Intern role