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Sybren Starting his Summer Internship at Brainial Today

Sybren Starting his Summer Internship at Brainial Today

Brainial is happy to announce that Sybren is starting his summer internship today. Sybren has a BSc degree in physics and astrophysics and after the summer he will continue his studies in Amsterdam doing a Master’s degree in Information Studies: Data Science. He has been involved already in some side projects with machine learning focussed on image recognition models.

During his time with Brainial Sybren will focus on improving our file processing capabilities. Tenders usually contain many files of various formats such as pdf, powerpoint, excel, word, and other. Extracting parts such as text, figures, and tables from these different file formats is a challenging and crucial task in order to have clean and structured data ready for processing in our NLP and other models. Sybren will help us to further extend our current file processing components and create a more robust system. 

We are glad to have Sybren on board the Brainial pirate ship and look forward to starting working with him. Fun fact: Sybren also studied in Australia where he did courses in mechatronics, he likes climbing and he taught himself to play guitar!

Do you want to know more about file processing at Brainial then get in touch with Sybren: Read about our other members in these other blog posts.

Author: Bob Maks is Head of Product at Brainial. He focuses on the technical architecture and implementation of our solutions. Bob has extensive experience working for other startups where he filled roles such as data scientist, growth hacker, and data manager. Bob has a Masters in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.