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New Faces on Board at Brainial. Welcome Teodor & Maxim

Brainial’s R&D team is excited to welcome Teodor Ghita and Maxim Boven, both in the position of Data Analyst. In this role they are responsible for the quality and improvement of our powerful Deep Neural Networks, which is needed to identify crucial signals and entities in texts for our clients. They also make sure the Brainial models are taught the jargon of each customer. Together with the Data Science and Engineers on the team, they help us improve on the design of an efficient model training interface.

Teodor has a background in Marketing, according to his degree, and he suffers from a growing fascination with AI. He has experience working with training and labeling software and has performed data analysis before. Teodor is very eager to continue learning and improve and has started an extensive course in Data Science applied on Social Media. He brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to the team. Fun fact: he is a familiar face within our community as he was experimenting with running his own business at UtrechtInc.

Maxim is a student Science and Innovation Management student at University Utrecht. He is knowledgeable on many fronts of sustainability and life sciences, he aims to use this knowledge to improve the world. Maxim is a fast and eager learner, and not afraid to tell any creative ideas that come to mind. Seeing as AI becomes an ever-increasing force to reckon with on the market, he is a valuable team member and contributor to Brainial’s mission. Fun fact: Maxim’s a travel aficionado, fascinated by new technologies and trends, and has a love for Japan where he aims to study.

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Author: Fedor Klinkenberg is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Brainial. He leads the company’s overall commercial strategy and teams. Fedor has over 11 years experience working at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands: Mendix. Fedor holds a Master of Science degree from RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam.