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The application will be configured with use of your specific tender documents (under NDA) and the models get trained for your specific domain.  

No creditcard required. 

Improve Your Performance

More Opportunities

Respond to more tenders as a result of saving time, money and resources on the tendering process.

Higher Success Rate

More success as a result of determining win rate, competitive info and changes of success analyses.

More Profitability

More accurate price proposals as a result of determining and analyzing risks, terms and conditions.

What Do We Expect From You?

Be involved and get the most out of it

Providing historical tenders to set up the environment (under NDA). 

10% of the annual number, so at 250 tenders per year we receive data from 25 historical tenders.

The onboarding includes questioning of the process / working method by the customer, definition of success criteria and explanation of the tool and possibilities by Brainial

2 hours a week is required from a Tender specialist or Tender manager for training / improving the system.

1 hour of time required from the Tender Team for a closing session at the end of these 4 weeks

Free Trial Features

Assess New Tender Document

- Tender documents upload wizard
- Basic analysis and data enrichment
- Automatic extraction of the key elements
- Automatic categorization and assessment of risk per requirement

Find Relevant Information

Smart search, filter and drill down functionalities on all information in the current tender and historical tender documents, incl.
- Text
- Drawings
- Criteria
- Requirements

Selfservice Trainingsinterface

- Build in annotation tool for creating training and evaluation data for the Brainial machine learning models 
- Improve the accuracy and teach the model your domain specific terminology

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Brainial provides a SaaS solution to help organizations to reduce the time, resources and money spent responding to tenders and to gain a higher success rate and profitability.