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Services and Capabilities

AI Assessment

We assess your objectives, initiatives, the existing processes and data sources that can deliver tangible value by applying AI technologies.

Data Science and Data Analytics

We have a team of very experienced people to perform corporate data analysis. This provides you with valuable insights to manage, direct and control your business.

AI Implementation

We have expertise in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These technologies are used to generate instant business value and to gain competitive advantage.

AI in Business

Market Intelligence

Gain competitive advantage real time by using AI technology to get more actionable insights to conduct meaningful and high quality sales outreach.

Tender Document Analysis

Automatically find and analyse the right information in large volumes of documents and link that to new request for tenders.

Contract Document Mining

Automatically process large number of documents and gain actionable insights and get direct business value. 

Artificial Intelligence Workshops & Training​

Would you like to designing and implement AI solutions in your organization? Brainial is offering a two-day Artificial Intelligence In Action training course. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing into a source of practical solutions for companies and organizations. For example, companies use AI to select applicants, save costs with chatbots and optimize sales. Even robots at the reception are no longer the future. Whatever domain or sector you are considering, AI is everywhere, and this is the time to step in.

AI offers numerous possibilities to work more efficiently, to help customers better and to save costs. Our training course ‘Artificial Intelligence In Action’ gives you a realistic picture of what is possible with AI in your field or in your sector, so that you no longer miss out on opportunities, but actually create value. You discover which AI innovations you can work with in your own organization and how you can do that in practice, in order to strengthen your competitive position.

Our training course is intended for anyone who would like to know more about AI.
If you have an organizational challenge that you can’t solve, but you suspect that it can be solved with data and Artificial Intelligence.

Training Course Overview

Artificial Intelligence In Action

Day 1:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Why are developments suddenly so fast?
  • How do you train a neural network?
  • Data preparation
  • How do you annotate data?
  • Chatbots
  • How to train a chatbot

Day 2:

  • Artificial Intelligence applications in organizations?
  • Implementation experiences
  • Brainstorm about AI applications in your own organization
  • Test ideas against reality
  • Social Issues
  • What dilemmas play in the workplace?
  • Select an AI tool yourself to gain experience with


1,290.- euros (excl. VAT) per person, minimum 6 and maximum 20 participants per training course.


Utrecht or on site


Artificial Intelligence is here, delivering value for businesses now. Brainial helps your organization with an AI assessment and we can validate your ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking ideas and projects in a structured way. 

The term “moonshot” derives from the Apollo 11 spaceflight project, which landed the first human on the moon in 1969. “Moonshot” may also reference the earlier phrase “shoot for the moon” meaning aim for a lofty target. 

Google has adopted the term moonshot for its radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s hardes problems. Many of those ideas come out of the Google X, the company’s semi-secret lab. The Google moonshot factory include Google Glass, Project Loon, the driverless car, augmented reality glasses, a neural network and many more.

Not every organization is like Google, however in every organization exist ideas and initiatives to improve your business and to drive innovation.

Brainial can help your organization validate your ‘moonshots’ and translate your ideas into pragmatic and applied AI solutions that can be directly implemented instead of not getting the ideas off the ground. Contact us for more information. 

Become an AI-Driven Enterprise, Now!